With the help of Swedish drinking water company Bluewater, major golf tournaments accelerate the pace of sustainable development-Golf News

With the help of the Swedish Drinking Water Company, Rolex’s two major golf tournaments-the Open and the Senior Open-took the lead in developing more sustainable sporting events after Covid Blue water.

The two championships that have attracted the world’s best players and tens of thousands of golf fans are opposed to the use of disposable plastic bottles, and provide free pure drinking water on demand from the unique Bluewater water station and refillable craft stainless steel water bottles As a substitute to one-off culture.

“By using our solution, 149th Open with Senior Open, They allow players and tourists to replenish water in a way that does not harm the environment,” said Bengt Rittri, a leading environmental entrepreneur in Sweden. He said that addressing the destructive impact of disposable plastic bottles on the environment is vital to the well-being of the planet, because One million single-use plastic bottles are produced every 60 seconds.

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“Most plastic bottles end up in the ocean or landfills, where they take hundreds of years to decompose, while at the same time leaking potentially health-threatening chemicals into the world’s water and food chain, which is unacceptable,” Mr. Rittery Say.

Performing 149 R&Aday In mid-July, at the Royal St. George Golf Club Open in Sandwich, Kent, at the 148th Open at Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland, they tried the Bluewater water station and bottle solution for the first time. Helped the organization to abandon the sale of single-use plastic bottles. The Advanced Open will be held at Sunningdale Golf Club from July 22nd to 25th.

Bluewater Water Station uses patented technology to remove most water pollutants, including EDC chemicals, pesticides, toxic metals, viruses, bacteria, and microplastics. Bluewater technology is called Superior Osmosis™, and its performance is better than traditional reverse osmosis, which is widely regarded as the best technology for water purification.

Bluewater guarantees that its stainless steel bottles can last a lifetime, and only use hypoallergenic silicone as leak-proof packing and carrying rings. In addition, Bluewater uses a blockchain-based platform to collect one kilogram of plastic waste from global beaches for every Bluewater bottle sold. The platform allows people to pay to send plastic waste back to a certified recycling center.

Bengt Rittri stated that Bluewater uses a business model that includes the sale of stainless steel bottles to help large-scale events achieve greater sustainability in order to make up for any loss of revenue caused by the sponsorship of large beverage companies.

Since launching their water station and refillable bottle concept four years ago, the company has become a leader in innovative event water supply solutions.In addition to golf, the Volvo Ocean Race, Formula E, music events in South Africa and the United States (such as Rock the Daisies and Ohama), and film locations for video production all use Bluewater solutions, such as Ridley Scott Raised by wolves.

“We want to provide people with pure water like nature and stop the demand for plastic bottled water. Disposable plastics, from bottles to other containers, are time bombs that threaten the well-being of future generations. Our task is to take measures. Prevent them from using human ingenuity,” Bengt Rittri said.

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Sweden’s Bluewater innovates, manufactures and sells compact water purifiers suitable for residential, commercial and public use. It uses the company’s patented reverse osmosis technology to remove almost all pollutants in tap water, including lead, bacteria, pesticides, and medical treatment. Residues, chlorine, microplastics and lime-scale. Blue Water Group

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