The more bowls of Jasprit Bumrah, the better he is: Sachin Tendulkar

Indian legendary batsman Sachin Tendurka applauds Indian bowling pioneers Jasprit Bumla Because of his excellent bowling against England in Lord’s second test.

On Monday, Bumrah participated for the first time in 89 unbeaten matches with Mohammed Shami, who entered the second half of his career. The two counterattacks pushed India’s lead to 270 points, while Bumrah scored 34 points with 64 goals.

Jasprit Bumrah leads India with the ball

India’s task was not completed because they had to score 10 wickets in 60 rounds, and Bumrah was in this song to let England opener Rory Burns on the fifth ball of the second game. The wicket scores.

Just after lunch, Bumrah forced England captain Joe Root to poke his post 0f delivery, which easily fell into the hands of Virat Kohli when he slipped for the first time. Root’s removal paved the way for the Indians to move towards their victory at Lord’s.

Jasprit Bumrah (Image source: Twitter)

However, Jos Butler and Oli Robinson showed some fighting in the final. Both batsmen are dealing with Indian short shots and defending those who hit on the stump. With 10 games left in the game, the pressure has shifted to India and they are fighting for the last three wickets.

Bumrah bowled near the ticket gate, trapped Robinson with a slower ball in front of the ticket gate, and provided a much-needed breakthrough for the Indian team. In the next game, Mohammed Siraj did the rest and chose the wickets of Jos Buttler and James Anderson, because India won the game by 151 points and led 1-0.

The more bowls Jasprit Bumrah has, the better his performance: Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulka
Sachin Tendulkar (Image source: Twitter)

When Tendulkar was asked about the bowler’s transition from the World Test Championship final to Lord’s, the former cricketer explained that the more balls Bumrah throws, the better his performance.

“Before the World Trade Center finals, I don’t think Bumrah has a long enough spell. He is the kind of bowler who pitches as much as possible. He not only has a big heart, but also a brain. We saw this yesterday. He used it yesterday. An excellent slow ball defeated Oli Robinson and fired him after playing him with a few short balls,” Tendulka told PTI.

Jasprit Bumla
Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami (left). Credits: (Getty)

“Today’s bowling offense is the best in the world. It reflects talent, discipline, and the ability to work hard and want to learn more. I don’t like cross-age comparisons, because bowling attacks should also be made by hitting the ball with them. It’s up to the golfers to judge. Whether it’s Kapil, Srinath or Zahir’s generation, the batsmen facing them are different,” Tendulkar added.

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