Rod Pampling won the Boeing Classic and won the first PGA Tour Championship title

Snoqualmie, Washington State—— Stick proofing He won the Boeing Classic on Sunday. This was the first time he won the PGA Tour Championship. Jim Furyk And Woody Austin Failed to catch a birdie in the green bunker of the par-5 hole on the 18th hole.

Pamplin played five group stages ahead of Furyk and Austin in Snoqualmie Ridge, hitting a 66 under par 66, and the final score was 204, 12 under par. The 51-year-old Australian has won three PGA Tour victories, the last time being in Las Vegas in 2017, and has two PGA Tour Australasia Tour titles.

“This is great,” Pamplin said. “Look at all the Hall of Fame members here are extraordinary. With so many people, they still play very good golf. People think they don’t, but I will tell you what they play so well. It’s just not.”

Furyk bogeyed the par-3 on the 17th hole, hitting the ball far from the green, hitting the ball more than 8 feet. He hit the ball into the left side of the bunker on the 18th hole, crossed the green for the third time almost to the edge, and missed a 20-foot shot.

“On the road today, everyone ended up swallowing some bogeys and then went another way,” Furyk said. “This is that type of golf course. Some holes didn’t save the ball, so you fly on the club, and if you hit a good shot, that’s great. If you don’t, you will bogey. There are a few Holes and holes.”

Austin, the second-round leader, took two shots from the right bunker, bogeyed, and reduced the score to 10 under par.

Furyk scored 70 points and tied for second Tim Herron (67) and Billy Mayfair (69).Austin’s final 72 shot put him tied for fifth Alex Seka (66).

Pamplin birdied the eagle, caught birdies on the 7th and 9th holes, swallowed a bogey on the 10th hole, birdied the 11th, 12th and 14th holes, and swallowed a bogey on the 16th hole.

“Obviously just walked out the gate quickly and the eagle started the game, which puts me right there,” Pamplin said.

Colin MontgomeryEntered the final group with Furyk and Austin, shot 74 and tied for 11th with a 7 under par. He swallowed a double bogey after entering the water in the 17th hole.

Local favorite Fred couple In the end, he scored 71, which was 4 under par and tied for 26th.

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