“My story in Real Madrid has been written”-Ronaldo denies the rumors of Bernabeu’s return and criticizes the “disrespectful” media

The former Ligue 1 star is linked to leaving Juventus this summer

Cristiano Ronaldo denied rumors that he might return to Real Madrid in a sensational manner. He blasted the “disrespectful” media reports and linked him to his departure from Juventus.

Ronaldo is entering the final year of his contract with Juventus and has recently been in contact with Madrid and Manchester City. In other clubs.

Transfer negotiations also prompted Real Madrid coach Ancelotti Denied reports that he could bring the Portuguese star back to Santiago Bernabéu.

say what?

In the long Instagram posts, Ronaldo said: “Anyone who knows me knows how dedicated I am to my job. Say less and do more. This is the guiding motto since the beginning of my career. However, given all that has been said and written recently, I must Clarify my position.

“It’s not only disrespect for me as a man and a player, but the indiscreet media coverage of my future is also disrespect for all the clubs and their players and staff involved in these rumors.

“My story in Real Madrid has been written. It has been recorded. With words and numbers, trophies and titles, records and headlines. It is in the museum of the Bernabéu Stadium and in the minds of every fan of the club. .

“In addition to my achievements, I remember that in those nine years, I had deep feelings and respect for’Merengue Fanatics’. I retain this feeling and respect to this day, and I will always cherish it. I know the real Real Madrid fans will continue to put me in their hearts, and I will also put them in their hearts.

“Except for this recent incident in Spain, there are often news and stories linking me to many clubs in many different leagues. No one is worried about trying to find out the truth.

“I now break the silence and say that I can’t let people continue to play with my name. I am still focused on my career and work, committed to and ready to meet all the challenges I have to face. Everything else? Everything else is just saying That’s it.”

Ronaldo’s time at Juventus

The Portuguese star continued his sensational scoring status during his time in Italy, scoring 101 goals in 133 games.

However, after joining from Real Madrid in 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo has not helped the club achieve success in continental Europe, because Juventus has not advanced to the Champions League quarter-finals in the three seasons with strikers.

Ronaldo still won his share of silverware at Juventus, winning two Serie A titles last season and winning the Coppa Italia.

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