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Join Goal’s Afcon Draw Watchalong to watch our amazing reaction to the National Cup draw

What better way than watching the African Cup of Nations matches live in Yaoundé? Target Africa Watchalong, when the six teams are exposed, the team will provide their feedback in real time.

We will Target Africa Facebook page during the Afcon draw in Cameroon, As the top teams in the African continent understand the fate of the biennial exhibits next season.

Fans from across the continent will hold their breath and wait to hear the fate of their team, and you can be sure that Tuesday’s draw will set off some sensational group matches in the 2022 tournament.

The last time-in a match held in Egypt in 2019-supporters participated in some tantalizing first rounds, and the finalists Algeria and Senegal met in an unforgettable group stage.

Ghana and Cameroon also pitted together last time, repeating the 2017 semi-finals, and 2019 Group D was a thrilling match, with Morocco, South Africa and Côte d’Ivoire competing on the same stage in the first round.

Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire may also meet this time, the Atlas Lions were named the first seed, and the Elephants fell into the second after failing to meet their high standards in recent years.

No team in the first gear will be keen to play against West African heavyweights. They can invite Frank Casey, Wilfried Zaha, Amade Diallo, Serge O Lille, Sebastian Haller and Eric Bailey and others form a truly star-studded lineup-Up.

In the second gear, the teams that other teams are particularly desperate to avoid are Egypt — certainly eager to rebound after the last disappointing return — and Ghana, who will be eager to prove their point because they want Rebuilt under the leadership of Charles Aconnor.

The final winner is likely to come from the first gear. All six teams in the group are former winners and compete for the gold medal again.

Although Senegal, Nigeria and defending champion Algeria are the favorites to win the championship, Morocco, Tunisia and host Cameroon seem to be more moderate in the first gear, even if the last of the three will have home court advantage.

join in Target As we reacted to one of the most important nights of the year in African football, our team in the Africa Cup of Nations attracted bystanders.

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