England seems to be more planning to hit Jaspritt Bumla and Mohamed Shami than to drive them out, Jeffrey Boycott confirmed

Previous UK Cricketer Geoffrey Boycott said that the way England bowlers deal with Indian tail players seems to be that they want to hit them rather than take their wickets.

On Monday, Jasprit Bumrah participated for the first time in his undefeated 89 games against Mohammed Shami, the latter half of his career. The two counterattacks pushed India’s lead to 270 points, while Bumrah scored 34 points with 64 goals.

England seems to be hitting Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami instead of letting them out: Geoffrey Boycott

The England bowler used a short ball against the duo of Bumrah and Shami, but could not find their wicket because the two moved on and broke the line, pushing India’s lead to 270, after which India captain Virat Kohli announced the number of games. .

The boycott said England was trying to retaliate against Bumrah, who pitched in a similar way to their talisman pitcher James Anderson on the third day of the main test.

“Grumpy. Since England seems to be more inclined to strike Bumrah and Mohammed Shami rather than expel them, the two exchanged fierce remarks,” the boycott wrote in his column for The Telegraph.

Jasprit Bumrah smashed Mark Wood to the border. (Source: Twitter)

“Joe did a good job of ranking and captaining his court, but seeing Jasprit Bumla in the crease is like a piece of red cloth for the Bulls. He encouraged Mark Wood to use fast short shots. Cheer him on. Obviously, the England captain and some of his players hope to give James Anderson a reward for Bumrah’s work in the first game.

“Tail swipes and edges. The field spread out on either side of the wicket to prevent scoring, England suffered the embarrassment announced by India,” he added.

Jeffrey Boycott
Jeffrey Boycott. (Source: Twitter)

England cannot always rely on Joe Root for all games: Geoffrey Boycott

Bumrah & co later broke through England’s defense and beat them by a score of 120, as India won by 151 points, leading 1-0 in the five-game series. Joe Root once again scored the highest score with 33 runs, but was not spared. This was the main difference in the game.

The boycott is a popular view that England should avoid relying on their captain to score and ask top players to step up.

Qiaogan (Image source: Twitter)

“This test match proved two things. First, if you are stupid, you don’t deserve to win the test match. Although we really like Joe Root’s excellent batting ability, he questioned his tactics.” Boycott said.

“Secondly, England cannot always rely on Joe to complete all their games. It must improve quickly from the top three because this is not just a joke,” he added.

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