ENG vs IND: Indian players react after their historic victory over England in Lord’s Test

India Team Wrote a historic 151 victories over England At Lord’s Cricket Ground in London on Monday.

The Indian bowlers dominated the game on the final day, winning the host for 120 people.Walker Muhammad Siraj Won 32 four-door matches in 10.5 games, including three girls.

Except for Siragi, Jasprit Bumla, Ishan Sharma and Mohamed Shami Also swept a key scalp to help India only achieve a third victory on the field. Bumrah scored three scalps and Ishant scored two wickets. Shami also won a wicket in the game.

After the sensational victory, Kohli revealed that the banter of English players and Indians on the court helped his team play a huge role.

“What happened to the bowler in the second game, some tension on the court, really helped us, really inspired us to finish this game,” Corley said in the introduction after the game.

India Opener Rahul, Kuala Lumpur, Who shattered a twinkling century in the second test, Said that if someone went to attack one of their players, the remaining ten people would gather together and give it back to him.

“As a team, we are not ashamed to say a word or two. If someone attacks one of our players, then the remaining ten people will also be very excited. Because this is our team, this is the kind we have Team atmosphere and cohesion, if you want to hunt down one of our people, then it means you want to hunt down our entire team. So like I said, the bowlers really want to go out and play, and we all want to be in the middle. Go all out in the 60 pitches to hit,” Rahul said at a press conference.

Indian players also expressed happiness and joy when reacting to this epic victory on social media. The Indian captain Kohli wrote on Twitter: “It’s a cricket game. Everyone likes this commitment and attitude. Come on, kids.”

Here are the reactions of other players:

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