Chief Hibernian slams Premier League star Doig’s “patronage” bid

Hibs Sports Director Graeme Mathie is dissatisfied with what he sees as English clubs trying to sign their young talents at a low price

According to their sports director Graham Marty, the Premier League club’s bid for “sponsorship” against young Irishman Josh Doig needs to show more respect to the Scottish Premier League club.

After the 19-year-old left-back made a deep impression in Scotland’s top league last season, Doig has been the subject of many transfer speculations this summer.

Arsenal, Watford and West Ham are all linked together, but there are reports that none of them bid more than £2.5 million-only half of Hibbs’ asking price of £5 million.

What did you say?

According to Marty, the English clubs have been mocking the offer because they are trying to sign a player from the Scottish team, so they think they can get him at a much lower price.

He says Wawel: “If Josh Doig showed his performance in England’s First League last season and reached the national final, the team would be willing to spend more on him, not if he was in Scotland.

“We are ranked third in the league, we are in Europe, we have reached the cup finals, these offers are really disrespectful.

“If a club comes to me and says,’We think we can turn this boy into a player worth 50 million pounds. This is how we will train him. If he does, we will give you x. If he does, We will give you y, and in a few years, we think he will be at the top level of the game.”

“This makes the conversation easier, because it is no longer a transaction, but a relationship, but now, we feel that some clubs have been patronized, and more of it is a transaction, which is difficult. Said, obviously, he wants to go to a bigger club like other young players, but he is also very happy here.”

Mathie also said that although they accept Doig will leave for a bigger club, they have a responsibility at Hibs to ensure that his career is transferred correctly.

He said: “We want to be able to say,’Thank you for your trust in our development, we can’t wait to see you shine at a higher level’, but no club can make us so easy. The worst All I can do is sell Josh to a club that only plays for teams under the age of 23!”

Who is Josh Doig?

The full-back left a deep impression on the Edinburgh club in the 2021-22 season, helping them qualify for the Europa League and connecting with Chelsea, Manchester City, Leeds United, AC Milan and the Celtics in different ways Together.

The defender-following the strong left-back tradition recently established by Andy Robertson and Kieran Tierney-has two years left on the current contract, which means Hibbs can pay for one of their brightest young stars High fees.

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