“They can go to court”-Guardiola reacts to Klopp’s criticism of the Manchester City transfer

In recent years, financial fair play has always been a sensitive topic for the two Premier League coaches.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has said that if Liverpool do not like his club’s expensive transfer after being criticized by Jurgen Klopp, they should “go to court”.

Klopp recently claimed that Guardiola’s spending is unlimited, which means that the Spanish coach has an unfair advantage. But Guardiola believes that Manchester City’s compliance with the financial fair play agreement is just a benefactor of good ownership.

In the past four Premier League titles, the head coach has been responsible (Guardiola three, Klopp one), so their competition has brought a kind of tension, which sometimes spread to the media.

What did you say?

Guardiola said: “Some bosses want to benefit from it. Our bosses don’t want any benefits. So they don’t invest in the team, but we do our best to invest.”

“Before there were only one or two clubs. Now there are Chelsea [Roman] Abramovich and our club with Sheikh Mansour. They want to buy football. What’s the question?We have restrictions on financial fair competition, if they disagree [with City’s spending] They can go to court and make a statement.

“We bought Jack Grealish because we sold [players] 60 million pounds, so in the end we spent 40 million pounds. We absolutely follow the rules. In our club, the bosses certainly don’t want to lose money, but they want to spend money, so we can do it.

“Many years ago, Manchester United won a lot of championships because they spent more money than other clubs. Do you remember? Manchester City couldn’t do it at that time because we didn’t have the boss we have now.”

Which comments made Guardiola upset?

Speaking of Manchester City, Klopp said: “We can spend the money we make… They obviously have no restrictions.”

Club’s summer expenses

Manchester City signed winger Jack Greerish, who recently bought it from Aston Villa for 100 million pounds ($138 million), and they are reportedly still looking for a well-paid striker in the market.

Guardiola allowed Sergio Aguero’s salary to leave the books, and has seen Angelino, Jack Harrison and Lucas Nmecha sold in recent months.

At the same time, Liverpool acquired RB Leipzig defender Ibrahima Konat for £36 million (US$50 million), lost Gini Wijnaldum in a free transfer, and sold it. A few fringe players, but hardly any action was taken elsewhere.

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