Pepperel vowed to fight back after losing his European Tour card-Golf News

Some familiar names on the European Tour have lost the right to participate in the 2022 season after failing to enter the top 121 Competing for Dubai rankings After the Portuguese Masters.

Past Tour champions Eddie Pepperell, Rose Fisher, Oliver Fisher and Nicholas Corsitez are just some of the well-known names, and their rankings have fallen too far to get the next position. The full tour card of the season.

Pepperel may be one of the most surprising names on the list, because just three seasons ago, he won two games with a prize money of more than 2 million euros and was on the European Tour standings in the 2018 season. Ranked 14th.

After completing the 54th place in 2019 and 67th place in 2020 in Dubai, the 30-year-old from Oxfordshire ended the 2021 season with 139th after missing 13 advancements in 23 games and bank games.

After seemingly good form in the spring, Pepperel made four consecutive advancements in May, but during the summer and fall, Pepperel’s form dropped sharply, from June to the end of the season only five times. A man who seemed ready to win the Grand Slam before the pandemic began is now fighting to save his career.

“I’m very tired, I’m very nervous, if I still have this year, I will definitely make some challenging decisions,” he said after easily missed the weekend Aviv Dubai Championships. The final game of the regular European Tour season. “Every round I play, I feel that my head keeps hitting the brick wall.”

Pepperell’s ranking will give him some chances to play in the DP World Tour, which will be renamed next season. The tour will start tomorrow (November 25) at the JoBurg Open, but he is unlikely to be like him in the big game. Do it part of the time, play in the biggest event. A 10-year career, except for an episode five years ago.

“I didn’t panic like when I lost my travel card in 2016,” he said. “I’m back and played the best golf of my career in the 2017-18 season, so I know I can do it. The problem is that this may be the first time in my life that I have experienced a whole year and I have been Can’t figure it out and at least played some good golf. Even though I had a few top 10 in 2016, I didn’t have it this year, and it never happened to me at any level, be it junior, amateur or other. “

The decline of Pepperell can be traced back to the moment when everything changed due to Covid-19. Ironically, it was in Dubai in February 2020 that he led the Desert Classic midway through.

“That feels like a long time ago,” he said. “When you think about what many people have experienced during the pandemic, I don’t want to sound like’unfortunately me’, but when the tour stopped shortly after Dubai last year, I took a few months off. It was the right decision in some respects, and I had a hellish time trying to recover my skills.

“I have a lot of coaches this year, and now I have returned to my first coach Mike Walker for the eighth time. Obviously there are serious problems with my game. Historically, my hardcore style of play has always been my strong point. As time goes by, things get worse and worse.”

It will take some time to see him again. He said: “I know someone on Twitter thinks I am not good at it, but I tried very hard to see some results.” “Now, I need to put the cue for a few weeks and forget about it. When I come back, I need to look forward to the challenge. I am currently in this downward cycle of self-realization, but one day I will surprise myself and play better than I expected. Once this happens, confidence will soon be restored and we will see improvement. “

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