NCAAW: The Owusu Turtles of Maryland rank second in the AP rankings

Entering the season, we Ask If Stanford University, Maryland or North Carolina State University (ranked 3, 4, and 5 at the time) could win the national championship, or South Carolina and the University of Connecticut (ranked 1 and 2 at the time) would be prohibitively popular. We know that Maryland is fully loaded, but it seems that South Carolina and Connecticut are only a notch higher. Now, it’s still November, Terrapins is ahead of UConn AP ranking And enter the second position.

Of course, they did not go head-to-head with the Huskies, but the University of Connecticut looked very human in the 7-point victory over South Florida, and then lost to the number one South Carolina by 16 points on Monday. At the same time, Terps handled the business by dominating every one of the first five games of the season, then went on to beat No. 6 after missing three games on Sunday and tying near the buzzer. Baylor. Would they want to beat Baylor by more than three points? Yes. But they got up more easily before a late desperation by the Bears, and missed their second-best player in Diamond Miller during the time when Baylor returned. During the game, they also missed the nation’s best three-point shooter Katie Benzan (ill). So, all in all, Maryland looks like a well-deserved second team, even though there is still a long season to go.

The University of Connecticut has fallen to third place, and in the rankings announced on Tuesday, the 4th to 8th teams remain unchanged (the date was postponed due to the 1-on-2 match between South Carolina and the University of Connecticut on Monday).

The biggest increase this week was of course the Tennessee Female Volunteers, who broke the ranking at the time. 12 The Texas Longhorns and South Florida Bulls, they defeated the first place at the time. 9 Oregon duck. Lady Vols rose 5 places to 11th place, and the Bulls rose 5 places to 18th place.

Tennessee beat a Texas team that just made Stanford upset, which surprised many people. This is especially surprising considering the extent to which Lady Vols’ offense struggled into the game. Tennessee was taken aback by Southern Illinois in the opener, and then defeated Central Florida and South Florida with ugly victories. But it scored a season-high 74 points against the Longhorns, Jordan Horston and Tamari Key’s outstanding statistical performance.

South Florida was also frightened in the opener, beating the Rio Grande Valley of Texas by only seven points. However, things have improved recently. As mentioned above, it brought a great game to the University of Connecticut and then defeated the Ducks, even though it was against a team lacking Nyara Sabally and Te-Hina Paopao.

The resume of Texas is still strengthened by the victory of Stanford University, dropping only two places to 14th. On the other hand, Oregon dropped 6 places to 15th. Another big drop is the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: After being defeated by the Auburn Tigers, they got the votes in 18th place, and they ranked 13th among the 14 SEC teams. Due to the collapse of the Yellow Jackets, FGCU entered the 25th ranking.

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