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April Todd

Those who have been fortunate enough to watch this genius perform well know that there will never be someone like Greg Norman again. He is more golden than blonde, aggressive and unorthodox in style, which makes him appear on the leaderboards of many tournaments. Ironically, his interest in golf began at the age of 16, when he was working in a local specialty store in Brisbane, where he also played for his mother (a four-pointer). “My attitude is that if she can do it, so can I,” Norman explained.

It wasn’t until he decided to play golf seriously, mainly through self-study and watching top professional players’ games, that his hidden extraordinary talents became apparent, although sometimes he would occasionally attend a class-mostly paid for by his parents.

His famous trademark nickname “Great White Shark” actually stems from his passion for the sea, from fishing to diving on local beaches when he was young. Now the name is usually abbreviated as “shark”. “I have always liked my nickname, and even named my clothing line after it.”

He spent most of his youth in Townsville, not far from the idyllic beaches, where there are plenty of water sports. His parents owned a hut on the nearby Magentic Island, about 8 km from the Great Barrier Reef. kilometer. This is where he liked to stay when he was young, and where he spends most of his free time fishing, snorkeling and diving-this is his utopia. “I occasionally ride bareback on the beach, surfboard, and sometimes fish on a boat with an 18-horsepower motor. I’m very lucky; I had a wonderful childhood.”

After his father changed jobs and the family moved to Brisbane, Norman’s life in the new environment was very different from the carefree life in Townsville. “In the beginning I lost all my partners, but I still managed to surf in Sunny Beach and Brian Bay, which cheered me up.”

However, he still likes to be a caddie for his mother on a regular basis, eventually changing his passion from water sports to golfing because he aspires to play golf more seriously to prove to his mother that he can also reach low handicap. .

To everyone’s surprise, he likes to play golf like a duck, and through his unprecedented talent on the golf course, he has taken an unusual step, giving up all his favorite water sports as well as cricket, rugby and Australia. Rugby, these sports he is passionate about, has focused on perfecting his game since he was a child. In the next few years, every free time of his was spent in the pursuit of perfect endless ball.

However, despite his new passion, his love for the ocean has never diminished even after qualifying for the PGA Tour. “When I was 11 years old, my father built a wooden frame boat for me. I think the carpentry craftsmanship is great. I have seen him working on the boat under our house, and the work involved in shaping the hull and the tools involved Very fascinated. This whole experience is really with me”.

Sailing was a passion he never left. Once he could afford it, he bought his first boat called Aussi Rules, a 27-foot fishing boat from Oceanfast. “My passion for deep sea fishing and scuba diving has always been my motivation. They also gave me the idea of ​​building the 69-meter Australian rule on the Ocean Fast yacht and integrating it with everything.

I need to. This charm is what prompted me to study shipbuilding to better understand the industry. “

As a world-renowned outstanding athlete and businessman, both on the golf course and on the board of directors have achieved international success, Greg first joined the PGA in 1983, he is always playing golf while also keen on shipbuilding.

“I like to understand the nacelle and working space, generators, centrifuges and water generators, and all these things. At one stage, there is a problem with putting all these things, the ship gets bigger and bigger, and finally reached 230 meters.” In order to build a product of this scale and complexity in the late 1990s, he and his team had to innovate in the way of thinking. To their surprise, the yacht designed by Greg himself won the Showboats Yacht of the Year Award that year and was described as being 10 years ahead of the time.

What Greg readily admits is that he has never enjoyed his first boat as he wants. He is still a full-time professional tour player and his free time is very precious. “If I own a yacht now, you will never see me working. I regretted the day I sold her!

Speaking of the huge business empire he built from scratch, he said: “My business is global, so it is not a scale suitable for all answers. I think the world is a chaotic place now. From a geopolitical point of view, There is too much white noise and media prejudice. I have this sentence: “The voice of critics is much louder than the voice of advocates.” Nowadays, one person challenging and complaining about a company can change everything. You have to deal with these situations and customers The requirements are extremely sensitive.

“That being said, I like where we are and I think that during the pandemic, we did a very good job in managing the entire process of consumer goods. We are in a strong position. Now we are further expanding into health and wellness and looking for New opportunities-you must be a forward-looking thinker-I never look back to the past, I always look to the future.

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