Gervinho: Trabzonspor fully signed the former Arsenal and Parma stars

The 33-year-old player will play in the top league in Turkey next season after being relegated to the yellow and blue teams in Serie A.

Trabzonspor signed Gervinho with Italian club Parma for two years.

The Premier League club announced that the Ivory Coast International Club arrived on Wednesday with Brazil’s Bruno Peres, who joined the free transfer from Rome.

In the just-concluded Serie A season, the former Arsenal striker scored 5 goals in 27 games, but his contribution was not enough to keep Parma at the top spot in Italy.

In Trabzonpol, Gvinho will unite with Cape Verde forward Danini, Nigeria’s Anthony Nkakam and Ghana’s Kaleb Ekuban to increase Abdullah’s The offensive options for the Afchi team.

The 33-year-old said in the opening game that he looks forward to helping the Black Sea Storm, which will appear in the UEFA Europa League next season.

Gwenio said: “I am not a person who likes to talk too much. I prefer to talk on the spot at work. This project is a project I firmly believe in. I am very happy to be a member of this family.” Club website.

“I also thank Parma for the convenience it brought them during the transfer. Me, my wife and my family are very happy to be here.”

“I am here to help the team. I know my team will help me too.”

Gervinho is no stranger to Trabzonspor. He previously won support for the Parma team in the pre-season friendly match between the two teams, which ended 2-2 in July last year.

“I believe this will make our fans very excited. According to the requirements of the supervisory committee, the technical delegation and our coaches, we had a 1.5-month meeting with Gervinho and Peres. As a result, we can sign the agreement today,” Ahmet Agaoglu said.

“Our transfer will continue. Our overall goal is to start our training camp with the players suggested by the teacher.

“Today we are with Gervinho and Peres. I believe that both of them will make a huge contribution to our team. This is a long process. Transferring such players is not easy. Transferring such players is not easy. Especially Clubs with very narrow budgets like Trabzonspor need to be very careful, we make them sweat, they make us sweat, but after all, we are all here today for the signing ceremony.

“We are grateful to Parma, especially for Gervinho’s transfer, for providing us with various conveniences and releasing his own player license. Since we came to power, our relationship with Parma has continued.”

Gervinho ended his two-year tenure at Arsenal. He played for Rome for the first time between 2013-2016 and then returned to Italy after a Chinese adventure in 2018.

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