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Grow up with youth on the court

This is Tuesday! That being said, we are happy to announce a new partnership with “Youth Course” and introduce you to a new way to give back to games that we all love. Golf courses make affordable golf for young people and provide them with opportunities to change their golf lives, enabling them to obtain opportunities for young people to change their lives through golf.

The development of golf is the common mission of GolfNow and Youth on Course. As a GolfNow golfer, you can assist in this work by rounding the total booking fee to an even dollar. This money will be donated to the “youth” on the course. For example, if the total cost of tee time is $34.65, you can choose to round the cost to $35 and donate the extra $0.35 to “Youth in the Course”.

Rounding your change to the nearest dollar will directly provide young people with summer job opportunities, college scholarships and affordable golf services!Round up, and I’ll pay you back next time Book a round with GolfNow.

Are there any young people between the ages of 6-19 in your life who want to play more golf?Let them check out Youth Course Become a member so they can start the game for $5 or less!

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